Getting The Most Out Of E-Marketing

world-emailE-Marketing refers to marketing that is done by emailing your customers. I don’t know about you, but I know that I have signed up for several different ‘big box store’ emails. The one thing I wish I could change about having signed up for all these email lists is how often they actually email me. One day after work I logged into my email account and had 56 new emails (in 8 hours)! As I slumped down into my chair to go through them, I noticed that some stores were emailing me as much as three times a day. I only wish I could afford to go to a store three times in one day, heck even three times in a month! Are you kidding me? The emails are all about the same deal that they are having that day, except that they are worded slightly different in the subject line. Ugh! Delete, delete, delete. I don’t even bother opening them because they have overwhelmed my inbox with what seems to me, meaningless junk. Every day it’s the same routine, delete all the emails from places that I’m lucky to hit once a month, the “deals” they send aren’t worth my time.

Are the emails necessary? No. By all means, one email a week would probably suffice for most of these companies. I’d be much more likely to open an email from a company if I don’t see one from them all the time. An example, I am on a list for a vacation home, I typically see an email from them once a month, and while I’ve never actually been there, I can tell you a lot about what goes on there and in the surrounding area, and some day, I plan on staying there. Why? Because I actually read their emails, they intrigue me and entertain me and provide me with just enough information.

Are all these emails appropriate? No. Seriously, who wants to look at their email and see the same thing typed a dozen different ways? Many of these larger companies do spamnot realize just how often you are being emailed, and for some, they register you by store and not by franchise. This is how you end up receiving all those emails from the same company on the same day. When they sign you up, ask the cashier if the emails are sent by the store or by the franchise. If the answer is by store and you’re signed up with one already, let them know you’d prefer to not be bombarded by emails for the same franchise and that you already get emails. This way, you don’t receive duplicate emails in your inbox.

What good are these emails for the customer? Before you start sending out mass email marketing blasts, ask yourself what good the email is for the customer. Customers like to be rewarded for ‘their behavior. If they open the email from you, what do they get in return? Everyone likes a nice discount, coupon, or party with rewards; so make sure that they are pleased with the eventual outcome of the email that they opened.

What size are these emails? The size of the email is important to take into consideration before you send it. I hate when I open an email and have to keep scrolling down to read all the information. Make it short and sweet. Don’t forget that your common email providers have a size limit for emails that they will let through. If your email campaign is too large, it may get caught in the spam filters, or may take several days to actually go through (sale today, but your customer gets the email in three days…).

What’s your point? If you want toNeedle in Haystack increase the number of customers who open and read your emails on a regular basis… Keep it simple, short, sweet, and too the point. And if you are questioning your campaign, have someone look it over before sending. You might even ask your e-Marketing service provider. Make it so your customer is looking for your email, like a needle in a haystack! I’ll watch for your email campaign in a week… Good luck!