MTR Firsts

Last month (August) at More Than Rewards, we experienced some firsts…. We went on our First Annual Wisconsin State Fair outing, we had our first hardware failure, our first Mario Kart tournament and more… So, this month we wanted to share with you some of our experiences for the first time as the More Than Rewards team.

The hardware failure. Ugh. Several team members were here for nearly 20 hours, multiple days in a row, diligently working to get everything thing Computer Hardwarefixed for our customers & their customers. Why did this failure happen? There were several storms that rolled through the area, some even produced pea-sized hail, in our case, it appears that a lightning strike nearby caused a short and “fried” our hardware. We were very bummed that it occurred, but also very grateful for everyone’s patience while we got everything up and running again. It took us the entire rest of the work week to recover. Talk about a dedicated team to be working with!

The Wisconsin State Fair. Ahhhh-mazing! Jenna 01We took a bunch of selfies & pictures of stuff at the fair and we even all met up to go down the Giant Slide together (unfortunately, it was raining so we were not permitted to go down the slide). 16Fried food on a stick – seems a little bit ironic that our hardware got “fried” the same month that we get to go off site and eat fried food… At least the hardware wasn’t on a stick, so we were not tempted to eat it! It was Jelly Belly Day, they handed out free samples of mixed flavors and new flavor Jen 04“Draft” for the adults. Personally, I’ll stick to the Buttered Popcorn Jelly Belly’s. There was an artist who made pictures out of Jelly Belly’s – that day she was working on a picture of a tiger, but she had already completed a bunch of other Jen 013pictures. Neato! Of course we had to check out some of the 4-H entries as well as the DSCF3182Cream Puff Castle! We even held an internal contest for “Fairest of the Fair” to see who had the best selfie! There’s just so much to see at the fair every year, perhaps next year we will have to make it a whole day affair instead of just an afternoon. Still, so much fun!

The Smoothie Social. So cool and refreshing! Although this wasn’t our first smoothie social, it was the first for the new members of our team, so it counts, right? Our team Happiness Officers posed as baristas and made everyone smoothies one afternoon while they played music in the background. Staff got the opportunity not only to learn how to make their own smoothies, but take a mental break from their projects and enjoy a nice refreshing smoothie. Such a great feature that is offered to us here at More Than Rewards. There’s a rumor that the Happiness Officers are going to have a Waffle Day soon!

The Mario Kart Tournament. Blast from the past for some of the MTR team. The last time DSCF3189I played Mario Kart was, well, at least 15 years ago… Needless to say, I did not win. Still, it was great fun to watch Mario, Luigi, Princess, and everyone else go flying through the courses. We found a small trophy for the winner to show that they have the best video game driving skills. There was also a small magnet for the top two winners.

Ice Bucket Challenge. An DSCF3170unexpected challenge, but it was accepted by many of our staffers. Raising money for one of our favorite charities, ALS, is always a good thing. We challenged a few others and the response was overwhelming. We were glad to be able to participate and hope that everyone challenged, took the time to also make a donation. Thank you all for the challenge.

Inc 500/5000. An honor for all of us here at More Than Rewards. An evaluation of privately owned businesses in the United States. We were ranked #1031 in the USA, and #13 in the state of Wisconsin. We are extremely proud and honored to be so fortunate. We hope that this trend will continue for us.

So, there are some of our firsts… If you haven’t noticed, More Than Rewards is a great place to work! The staff here are friendly and courteous and we all enjoy a little break every now and again. If this is your first visit to our blog, I hope you enjoyed it! There’s a first time for everything…

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