2 Simple Things That Stop Customers from Leaving Your Email Newsletter

Have you noticed more and more customers are choosing to unsubscribe from your email newsletters, but you don’t know why?  The answer may be simpler than you think.   Working with over thousand motorcycle dealers we send over 2 million email newsletters a month one of the biggest questions we get asked is how to keep customers from leaving our email marketing list.  The answer may shock you because it’s not very technical or some kind of “top secret marketing technique”, the answer…


The most common mistake people make is they often will try to jam every sale or offer they have in one single email, creating a giant monster long email. Let’s face it everyone is scared of monsters, so how do you beat the email newsletter monster?  START WITH TWO SIMPLE RULES… 

RULE 1 – The Ideal Email Height

We have found that keeping your email height under 1000 pixels is the most effective size of an email.  In fact we have noticed that retailers who send emails longer than 1000 pixels will often have a 30% greater unsubscribe rate!  The reason is because the preview pane of most email readers will usually be between 300 and 500 pixels high.  This is the part of the screen that the customer sees immediately without having to scroll.  By setting your max height to 1000px this gives you roughly double the screen space so the customer will easily be able to flip back and forth between your two screens.  This is very similar to opening a book and having a left page and a right page.

RULE 2 – The number of “unique Offers”

If you’re new to email marketing one of the first mistakes people make is they try to include every offer they have in an email. You must remember that customers are flooded with emails today therefore the best offers should always be able to be digested within the first 20 seconds of viewing. The most effective use of email marketing is to include no more than 4 unique offers with the recommended target being 1 or 2 offers. By including additional offers results in your customers perceiving your emails as “digital junk mail” instead of unique valuable offers causing them to “opt out” and leave your email subscription in the dust.

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