The New Check-In Keypad

Co-Written Brandon Siegesmund

I am happy to announce that More Than Rewards has a great new product releasing soon! It’s sure to bring a lot of excitement and new possibilities to the motorcycle and powersports world. It’s called the Rider Rewards   Check-in Keypad! We are the first company to design a touchscreen keypad specifically for Harley-Davidson and powersports dealers. It’s the first piece of our updated Rider Rewards platform which includes an upcoming mobile app, POP materials and a new website!

You know how a lot of retailers nowadays have devices set up where customers enter their phone numbers during checkout? I go through this process two times a week just at grocery stores alone. These keypads are everywhere because they’ve been very successful in capturing additional customer information, giving customers special deals, and much more—all without costing cashiers any extra time.

Well, now ANY dealer can also experience these benefits. You can use Rider Rewards Check-In Keypads in conjunction with any reward program and any dealer system—and it works even if you don’t have a loyalty program—so you don’t have to be a current More Than Rewards customer to experience most of the benefits.

We developed the keypad based on the success we had when we introduced various types of touchscreen kiosks to Harley-Davidson dealers over ten years ago. Many of our current customers will remember those days; some dealers still have their original rewards kiosks up and running! Although, the higher costs and necessary space kept the kiosks—especially the big stand-up units—out of many stores.

The great news is that we’ve modeled our keypads on iPad technology to keep the units compact, familiar, completely affordable. We ship them with their own fitted mounts and artwork so set up is quick and easy. You’ll see that the diminutive keypad is a potent marketing tool relating to customers of all ages, and it surely is a lot less complicated than a big powersports kiosk!

Here are some features and benefits the keypad will give your dealer:

  • A customer will be able to check their current rewards balance via a text message while they’re in-store—if you are a Rider Rewards dealer.
  • The keypad helps you capture about 20% more email addresses and cell phone numbers.
  • Unlockable, timed coupons: After checking in for the first time, customers will get five dollars cash back, which unlocks in seven days. The unlocked coupons must be used within five days, so customers are compelled to return to your store.
  • Boost your social network following. Customers can earn sweepstakes tickets for a monthly Amazon gift card drawing sponsored by More Than Rewards. They can do things such as giving a “like” for your dealer’s Facebook page or follow your Twitter stream to earn more tickets.

We’re just getting started! We plan on adding even more features and marketing tools later!

If you have any questions, please give Christine or Brandon a call at More Than Rewards at 414-326-4100.