Why Reward Programs Reward Employees

Co-Written with Brandon Siegesmund

If you have been following our blogs, you should know by now that loyalty/reward programs provide great incentives for customers; they are wonderful, limitless marketing tools for driving traffic into stores; and, they create immediate ROI by reducing flat discounting.

But reward programs work much better with a little effort from your employees: The more people they sign-up and tell about your reward program, the more successful you are. We saved this blog topic for the Season of Giving to celebrate the people who make it all work!

So what are some employee incentives to having a reward program?

Since a point-based rewards program like Rider Rewards reduces or eliminates flat discounting, promoting and utilizing it immediately boosts commission sales! This is a HUGE bonus for your employees in commission-based roles; service, P&A, and clothing departments all benefit! Employees can even use points over discounts to satisfy customers wanting price breaks or reparations for any issues.

Consistently reminding employees of loyalty program benefits during meetings is a fantastic gesture. You can even run a monthly contest for gift cards, time off, or prizes for whoever activates the most new rewards customers.  Show everyone the sign-up numbers and the positive effects for the dealer, and it will be easy to inspire your employees to promote your program.

Another good way to keep employees engaged in your loyalty/rewards program: is to see what creative ideas they can contribute. You collect information from your customers regularly – don’t forget about the people on your front lines! If they are contributing marketing ideas, they’ll be more likely to feel empowered and uplifted.

There are many different ways to reward your employees and to increase your loyalty program participation. We hope that some of ideas, including those regarding commission points, will make the next employee meeting much more delightful.

Some dealers have even created a reward program for all their employees in which everyone can earn free food, time off, gift cards, and many more creative prizes! (A few dealers have even used the Rider Rewards system to manage it.) In fact, here at More Than Rewards we have had a fun and effective employee reward program for years. It’s an integral part of our culture and makes coming to work, even during busier days, easier to handle.

Here is an enlightening video of More Than Rewards owner Jason Brethorst talking about how you can create a reward program for your employees—in any business. click here to watch Jason.

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday season! We’ll see you in 2016.


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