Online Reputation Management – How Easy It Is!

What if there was a way to collect more customer’s information, get them engaged, more Google – Yelp reviews for you, more social media followings and MORE – WITHOUT costing your time, your cashier’s time with little to much effort at all?

You’d be interested right? Of course you are!

NO worries, we got you!

Look now – how many total email addresses do you have on file compared with your total customers in your database? You want everyone to see your newsletter efforts right? Do you have enough emails addresses to get started with at least quarterly newsletters?

What is your Star rating on Google? How many Google / Yelp reviews do you have? Where do you land when you search your business? (not from within your store or a device that recognizes you). Are you on the first page?

You want as many positive reviews as possible right? You want to show up on the first page, right?

Let me show you how…

Keypad and Contest Manager…


Keypad / Keypad Manager…


SMS Text Marketing…


So what are you waiting for? Please don’t tell me you’re going to let an entire season of selling and customers pass by with all of that information – then come winter tell me you have nothing going on and you’re sitting around. This is the first step to next down-time season. Maybe you enjoy the down time and go on vacation, but we still need those little stars on google to be successful today.

I’ve heard dealers talk about how they obtain business from ‘word-of-mouth’ methods – I ask you, what does ‘word-of-mouth’ look like these days? Social Media, Texting, Emailing, Google Reviews and this is real.

I know those guys hanging out at the cigar bars, VFW’s, and McDonald’s in the morning, sure they use the old actual word-of-mouth methods. But guess what? Those guys and gals are most likely not riding or will not be riding much longer. They probably are not cutting grass anymore or zooming on snow trails either – their grandkids are. And their grandkids are going to look, because they’ve been trained, to review your google ratings and most likely your website – from their phone – NO matter what grandpa says, because they’ve been trained to think outside the generational cycle that once was a way of life.

It doesn’t matter what size you are – we can help you. If you do not need help – great – we can still help provide some engaging fun for your customers!

All of us in this industry but not in the dealerships – we are your eyes, ears and your assistants. We live the tools to help you; whether it’s More Than Rewards Marketing Tools, Websites, consulting tools for apparel and accessories and so on. We are the experts to help you because we know you’re in there and we’re out here – we see all of you. We know trends, latest technologies and build things for the now and the future… to continue helping you.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” Stephen Hawking

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Let me know when you have time to review these together – I’d love to walk you through the opportunity they bring and ease any fear you may have!