Rider Rewards Check-In Keypad 101: Keeping It Simple

Information Capture Is Just the Beginning

If you have one or more of our Rider Rewards Check-In Keypads, your dealer has access to a powerful, interactive marketing tool which helps capture more customer email addresses and phone numbers. Although — don’t forget all of its other amazing capabilities to drive loyalty, increase excitement, and encourage return visits.

Some marketers may be apprehensive about using new technologies and features, but just keep this in mind: Most of your customers are probably more ready, willing, and able to embrace the future than you might think. According to this 2015 research study from Marketing Land by SessionM:

  • 90% of retail shoppers use smartphones in stores.” You’ve probably observed this trend by watching your customers day-to-day.
  • 76% of those surveyed were more likely to shop at retailers which had loyalty programs. (If you have our Rider Rewards program, you’re already covered!)
  • Most importantly —  the research indicates that 57% of people were more encouraged to shop at a retailer which had “in-store push notifications about deals/offers.”


Sounds exciting, right?

So, let’s say a first-time customer approaches the register and “checks-in” by quickly punching their phone number into your Keypad. They then get an immediate text message on their smartphone asking them to provide their email. What type of in-store messages will they receive during future check-ins?

Well, that’s ultimately up to you. Knowing that customers are only allowed to check-in once per day, and you can input up to 30 consecutive messages for people to receive every time they shop, there are a lot of possibilities…

We understand that the options can be a little overwhelming, and that’s why we’d like to suggest some easy Rider Rewards Check-In Keypad tips. So, we invite you to read further for three simple — yet effective — approaches you can use. (By the way: These techniques are also great supplements to ANY point-based reward program.)

Keypad Manager - Intranet
Access your Keypad(s) through the “Keypad Manager” tab in the Marketing Tools section as shown above. Then, click “Launch Keypad Manager.”

Simple Option #1 — “Same Message Every Day”

One of the most basic text messages you can load into your Keypad Manager confirms a customer check-in and tells them they have a chance to win something. Just write a message, and keep it there.

For a limited time only, More Than Rewards is holding a monthly sweepstakes drawing for Amazon gift cards on RiderRewards.com (which compiles the Keypad check-ins among all Rider Rewards dealers). In addition, your dealer can also give away physical raffle tickets, scratch offs, randomized coupons, or even a chance to win “bonus reward points.”

You could run promotions for a month, a season, or even an entire year. If you are enticing customers with one big prize, like a new motorcycle or a motorcycle “makeover,” you can pick a winner from tickets you’ve created or virtual daily check-in tickets tallied by the Keypad Manager.

Check in- one chance to win message
Start by entering a simple message. For managing a sweepstakes, you can either use the built-in “pick a winner” function, or provide customers physical raffle tickets.

Simple Option #2 — “Punch Card Replacement” 

With this set of messages, a customer will get something every five Keypad check-ins, mimicking the function of the old punch cards or “stamp” cards many businesses are still using today. If five is not your magic check-in number, you can configure the Keypad Manager to award customers a prize every other check-in, every three check-ins, or up to 30 check-ins. (We recommend not going beyond more than 10 to 15 check-ins, though.)

In the example shown below, a customer has to check-in five times to receive 10% off a t-shirt. Although, you could create another set of messages to continue afterward for an even bigger prize on their tenth check-in.

Whatever you decide to do, after a customer receives the last message you’ve loaded, the Keypad Manager will set the customer back to the first message in your list. This is essentially giving them a new virtual punch card.

Keypad check-in messages- every five to win

Simple Option #3 — One Message Changed Daily

This method may take a bit more preparation (along with counter staff training), and someone on your team has to update only the first Rider Rewards Check-In Keypad message every day (or at least every few days). You’ll be able to surprise customers with a new message, “daily deal,” joke, or even a quiz question about the dealer. For instance, customers could be asked via text to answer “the year we started business” correctly at the register to receive something.

Here are a couple more ideas which may work well for your dealer. You could load a message in your “number one” slot that says:

“Did you know we now offer winter storage? Ask about our early-bird special.”

The next day, you would replace the previous message with:

“We’re doing end-of-season bike washes out back. The code word is SUNDOWN.” 

Then, you’d continue changing the message as needed. Remember, you’re only using one text message slot over and over again. 

Try to get creative and keep things fun; ask other employees for ideas so your efforts don’t get stale. We know it helps to have an on-site marketing person, which some dealers don’t have. But if all departments chip in their thoughts, the keypad can definitely provide some entertainment (and lucrative benefits) for you and your customers.

Remember, more than half of your customers want to receive in-store messages and promotions, and we predict that number is only going to expand. The Rider Rewards Check-In Keypad can help achieve your customer retention and sales goals!

We hope we’ve provided you some valuable insight on what to do with your Keypad. If you’re an advanced user, please send us examples of what has worked for your store.

Please note that we have only been reviewing the basic aspects of the Keypad Manager. We also have a new feature called the “Contest Manager,” which you can integrate with your website and Keypads for bigger results. Contest Manager is especially helpful in boosting your social networks and increasing your online reputation.

If you’re still a little lost on how the Rider Rewards Check-In Keypad works, or you’d like to purchase additional Keypad kits, just give our customer service team a call at 414-326-4100. Or, email us at support@morethanrewards.com. We’ll be happy to help configure your keypad messages for you!

Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you next time.