We are very pleased to announce that we’re rolling out a new service line here at More Than Rewards called Let’s Buy Local! It caters to small businesses and restaurants with its robust online ordering system, unique marketing tools, responsive website options, and more. Just like our other products, everything is extremely simple to learn and use.

Let’s Buy Local also features the same keypad technology our Rider Rewards customers have been integrating into their stores over the past year to bolster their reward programs and energize customers. Although, within restaurants, cashiers use our keypads to accept online orders and provide customers real-time communication about pick-up and delivery times. We invite you to watch a fun YouTube video about how the process works.


So, what does Let’s Buy Local do?


Let’s Buy Local empowers restaurants to finally “own” their online ordering channels and the valuable local brands they’ve built for years, whether they have one or multiple locations. Yes, many places already have online food ordering available to the web-browsing public. Although, these forward-thinking restaurants are often mixed (or buried) with all their competitors on one or more conglomerate ordering websites. Because of this, some restaurant owners think online ordering is a costly gimmick rather than a necessity. That’s not surprising once you understand how popular online ordering website hubs have been working for years.

All Let’s Buy Local food orders start and end on YOUR website!

Most online ordering systems require your restaurant to join a massive directory which lists you alongside all your competitors’ brands. Although, if you want a more prominent listing when potential customers search for a particular food-type in their area, you can pay a higher monthly fee or a large percentage of your total online sales to the directory provider.

Let’s Buy Local does not recommend this type of “pay for play” model because not only does it dilute your brand, it can actually cause you to lose sales to competitors which customers might not have known of. As well, many restaurants are not aware they are consistently listed at the bottoms of search pages, and over time, their online ordering benefit is devalued and forgotten because it’s so rarely used.

Instead of using this traditional model, we believe that you should keep your valued brand intact and be able to easily control your online ordering channels. That’s why Let’s Buy Local pushes all online orders to and through YOUR website and Facebook page. As a restaurant owner, you may have spent a large portion of your life building your brand, so why surrender it to a big directory?

Let’s Buy Local gives every restaurant a complete, customized online ordering solution directly on their individual websites, enabled for COD, credit card payments, or both! We even offer powerful digital marketing promotions you can implement anytime like “buy one, get one” to engage customers during the ordering process. And best yet:  We don’t take a percentage of your sales, whether you register just ten or ten-thousand online orders! But that’s not all….


Let’s Buy Local’s online food ordering solution also integrates with your Facebook page to make it easier for customers to order from you, boosting your your social media followers. Customers can order meals, “like” posts, and write reviews conveniently — all in one place!

If you have even a small Facebook presence, your page will most likely be included in the top-ten Google search results for your restaurant’s name. Why not use Let’s Buy Local’s Facebook widget to boost your orders and social presence? It’s another powerful marketing tool we’ll be happy to help you implement.

The new millennial and global generations will especially appreciate Facebook food ordering.


Upgrading? Maybe we should back up for a second.

You might be surprised how many restaurants don’t yet have a website. From our own independent analysis during April of 2016, we estimated that about 40% of restaurants don’t yet have a domain to call their own. That’s quite a shocking revelation. After all, these are small businesses that have the strongest needs for building solid web presences, promoting unique brands, and carving out local niches.

A true responsive website will look AND work great on any mobile device.

That’s why we offer mobile-friendly responsive websites as part of the Let’s Buy Local system. We’ll help you choose the best website name, provide hosting, and fill your pages with searchable content. A Let’s Buy Local responsive website, which includes our online food ordering module, means the entire setup will work with any mobile device, tablet, smart phone, Mac, PC, and so on. You can be sure that everyone on the go, at work, or at home will be able to navigate your menu and quickly make orders.


Let’s Buy Local is more than an online food ordering solution because of the way it can empower smaller restaurants to build their brands, which helps increase profits, create jobs, and build communities. We want small businesses to have effective turnkey ways to compete with established, ubiquitous restaurant chains and appeal to tech-savvy consumers. Ultimately, customers shouldn’t have to choose between the convenience of ordering food online and enjoying their favorite walking-distance venues.

This is your new storefront: For younger people, your online ordering capabilities can make or break the possibility of a sale.

Let’s Buy Local is also helping fulfill the general public’s preference for using the Internet and/or touchscreens for doing pretty much everything. In the past month, we’ve connected with many restaurant owners and managers who understand their worlds are changing, perhaps by just the influence of the now-largest generation in the workforce: millennials.

Millennial customers strongly prefer to browse menus and order food over the Internet, and most millennial employees just don’t have time to take phone orders all day. Both sides of the counter are absolutely comfortable with completing digital transactions. Let’s Buy Local really does help restaurants succeed both inside and out; your employees and customers will love the speed and convenience of online ordering.

We’re sure your staff will embrace working with online customers through a Let’s Buy Local touchscreen instead of constantly dealing with lengthy phone calls.

And being More Than Rewards, we didn’t forget about customer loyalty. We will be promoting a rewards system add-on for Let’s Buy Local restaurants soon, but we’re currently focusing on rolling out online ordering and responsive websites. Of course, we recommend subscribing to this blog to get all the latest updates for Rider Rewards and Let’s Buy Local so you know what’s coming!

Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you again.

If you have any questions about Let’s Buy Local, its features, or its pricing, please give our VP of Business Development, Matt Litscher, a call at (414) 326-4944. Or, you can email him at matt@letsbuylocal.com.