How to use Rider Rewards with Black Friday

Black Friday, one of the biggest sales of the year, is almost here. With discounts already offered to your customers, there are a few ways you can set up your reward program to compliment the sale: you can continue to reward customers as you normally do, disable rewards for the day, or you can offer a little extra to your customers.

Using the Event Calendar

If you want to disabled rewards for Black Friday so customers don’t earn reward points on top of the discounts, there is a really easy way to set that up! You can do this by creating a Black Friday event in the event calendar, located on the Marketing Tools page of the Intranet.

event-calendar-1To get started, select the day(s) you wish to add the event, or click “Add Event to Calendar” and manually set the date(s). Keep in mind while entering the event information that while you can set a certain time as it will appear in the calendar, any rewards added to the event will apply for the entire day.


Once all the event information is set up, click “Configure Event Rewards” in the lower, left corner to edit the reward day multiplier.


Here, you can set up the “New Multiplier” for different types of sales and rewards groups. In this case, to disable rewards for the day, you would want to set all multipliers to “0” which will prevent customers from earning rewards on purchases made the day of the event.

From this same page, you can also set up a greater multiplier. For example, if you wanted to offer customers double rewards points, set the multiplier as “2” for the corresponding sales and reward groups.

Using your Keypad

If you have a Keypad, there are other ways to offer customers rewards on a smaller scale.

A new Keypad Manager feature allows you to award check-in customers with bonus points that automatically get entered into the their reward account. This feature updates in real time, so once you enter a bonus point amount (cap of 20 points), customers can start earning. All you would need to do it turn it on, and then reset it after the event.


You can also utilize the Keypad to award customers with instant rewards. You can do this by running a raffle for Black Friday, or in the form of virtual coupons like the example below.


No matter what your needs are, we have ways to help reward your customers this Black Friday.

If you have any additional questions on setting up your system for the big day, please contact support at (414) 326-4100 or by email at