12 Days of Christmas – Reward Your Customers

With Black Friday in the rear-view mirror, the holiday shopping season has officially begun and perhaps you want to celebrate by giving back to your customers in a festive manner. Maybe not with turtle doves and French hens, but close: The 12 Days of Christmas.

The popular carol counting the days and gifts of Christmas is perfect for a marketing campaign at your dealership to offer 12 days of rewards for your loyal customers directly from your Keypad, or using our Text Marketing system. You can do this by offering a unique deal each day for a 12-day count down using Text Marketing; otherwise you can allow customers to check-in any 12 times in December to earn all 12 offers using the Keypad.

No matter how you choose to do things, there is a variety of ways you can use either the Keypad Manager or the Text Marketing system to reward your customers this Holiday season.


One example of a deal you can offer to your customer is virtual coupons, such as $5 off a
purchase, or a percentage discount like 10% off. You can make these coupons time-sensitive, like Kohl’s Cash, by adding a specific date range or using modifiers in the Keypad Manager. An example of a modifier would be “valid until {NOW+3d}” to allow the customer to use the coupon within the next 3 days.

Keep in mind that for either of these types of discounts, you can offer a minimum amount to be spent, such as $5 off a $25 purchase. You can also have the coupons apply to specific types of purchases, such as 10% of jackets.

Bonus Points

In addition to offering customers virtual coupons, you can also offer bonus points if you use the Rider Rewards program. For example, you can offer 100 bonus points for customers checking in on that day. These bonus points would have to be added manually to the customer’s account when shown to the cashier, and they would also only apply to customer enrolled in the reward program.


(NOTE: Use discretion when entering bonus points to make sure the customer has not already received this reward. For best practices, include a description when adding bonus points.)

Holiday Raffle

You can also utilize the Keypad to run a raffle, so each time a customer checks in, they also receive one entry for a grand prize drawing, such as a gift card or a holiday gift basket. 12-days-of-xmas-raffle-set-upAll you would have to do is click “Reset Contest” in the Keypad Manager at the start of the raffle; this would prevent previous check-ins from applying to the contest. Then when the raffle is over, just click “Pick Winner” and the Keypad Manager will randomly select one customer from the list of check-ins for you.

You can set up a raffle in our Text Marketing system as well using the “contests” page. You can set up a new contest with a keyword, such as Christmas, and encourage customers to join the contest by texting “Christmas” to your dedicated inbound number.12-days-of-xmas-contest-set-up-2

Create a Unique Text Club Group

For the Text Marketing System, you can set up the 12 Days of Christmas as a separate group that customers can enroll in if you want to keep it separate from your regular Text Club. This will prevent regular Text Club members from feeling bombarded with daily texts, and it can save you a lot of text credits.

Examples of 12 Days of Christmas Messages

Below is an example of some messages you can set up using a variety of deals in the Keypad Manager. The messages might be different for Text Marketing, such as reminding customer to opt in to the contest rather than automatically earning entries for the raffle.

On the 1st Day of X-mas, (dealership name) gave to me: $5 off $30 purchase! Check-in again tomorrow to earn another entry for our Holiday Giveaway!

On the 2nd Day of X-mas, (dealership name) gave to me: 100 bonus points! Check-in again tomorrow to earn another entry for our Holiday Giveaway!

On the 3rd Day of X-mas, you’ve earned an entry for our Holiday Giveaway! Check-in again tomorrow for more 12 Days of X-mas!

On the 4th Day of X-mas, (dealership name) gave to me: 10% off Riding Jackets! Check-in again tomorrow to earn another entry for our Holiday Giveaway!


For more information about setting up a 12 Days of Christmas event, Keypads, or Text Marketing, please contact support at (414) 326-4100 or at support@morethanrewards.com. Happy Holidays!