2017 Rider Rewards Updates

Thank you for stopping by our blog! This entry will be especially important for current Rider Rewards customers; we always appreciate your support and do our best to inform you of any upcoming changes.

We have many improvements planned — which will be 100% FREE upgrades to current customers —  during this year’s first and second quarters. You’ll find a brief summary and timeframe below.

Although, if you want all the details, please click here to see them on your More Than Rewards Intranet. (Please note: This link will only work for current Rider Rewards customers.)


  • Faster Text/SMS Marketing System
    Working with our technology partners, we are dedicated to improving the speed of all text messages sent to customers. This is our first upgrade priority, and we plan to roll out the changes as soon as possible.   


  • New Customer Portal 
    We are upgrading the Rider Rewards customer portal — the area on your website rewards members go to login to their account and redeem their points. We received a lot of feedback on this feature over the past year, and we are happy to let you know we are adding: The ability for customers to login with their Facebook information, a streamlined interface for mobile users, and tighter integration with My Chapter Manager. 
  • Email Marketing Upgrades
    There are many beneficial improvements we’re planning for one of our most-used customer communication tools that dealers rely on everyday. We’ll be increasing the speed of the sending system, revamping our email design tools, adding more stock artwork, and creating email sync capabilities between dealer management systems and third-party email programs. 


  • Rider Rewards Mobile App
    We are very excited about providing dealers this major addition to their marketing tool sets! The new Rider Rewards mobile app will work with your current countertop keypads, using “beacon” technology to push in-store daily deals to customers (similar to Target and Walgreens). And through GPS features, the app will increase customer floor traffic and buzz at your dealership by engaging local customers who never shopped at your location.

As always, thank you for reading, and if you’re a current customer who’d like to see more details, click here.