Help Michelle Smith Fight Her Battle with Multiple Sclerosis

Over the past two months, you may have called or emailed us and noticed that Michelle Smith, our customer service manager, has not been available. We haven’t been able to disclose the reason for her absence until now…

Michelle was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about two years ago, and she has been mitigating its unpredictable and debilitating symptoms via several treatment methods. Unfortunately, her condition suddenly worsened in July, and she’s been hospitalized for the past six weeks.

Many of you have developed working relationships with Michelle over her past four years at More Than Rewards. She really had a passion for helping and training customers, and she always made the workplace fun and musical.

We all genuinely miss her.

Some have asked if she’s O.K.; others have asked if she’s ever coming back.

At this point, Michelle remains hospitalized — her condition is likened to that of a major stroke victim. We’re not sure if Michelle will be able to return, or even if she’ll be able to work anywhere for a long while. It’s going to take more tests, medication, procedures, and therapy to regain her mobility and speech.

As Michelle’s only a 27-year-old woman, you can imagine the devastating impacts of MS to her and her family. We thank everyone who have helped so far. If you would like to help Michelle with the mounting costs of her recovery, please visit her GoFundMe page.



More Than Rewards Staff